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Frequently Asked Questions (Employers)

Q 1: Why should I register with RxMedicoJobs?
RxMedicoJobs provides you with a portal to find the perfect medical professionals at the most affordable price. Register with RxMedicoJobs and you can.

1- Advertise and receive applications from a large pool of health care professionals
2- Search for Candidates that match your requirements; and store their resumes for review
3- Create customized pages for candidates to view your jobs

RxMedicoJobs' mission is to be the leading Healthcare and Medical job site in the industry by helping you fill your positions with the best fit candidates!

Q 2: How can I post my job advertisements?
To post job advertisements, search resume or use our paid features, you must first 'Register.' Registration is easy and identifies your key company information and a main point of contact. After submitting your application, an e-mail will be sent to the e-mail on record. Once you confirm your registration your account is active.

You can now start posting your job vacancies, searching candidate resumes and using our services. Completing the job posting form requires several mandatory fields and several optional fields to help match you with the best fit candidates.
Q 3: How do I search Candidates from the home page?
You have been provided by Candidate Search section at the left side of the screen. You can select the criteria that you want to search the candidate with. E.g. In keyword text box you can type keywords like salary, specialization, skills etc. Use the Candidate Location drop down box to select the job location. Use the Experience drop down to select the employees experience required. Use specialization dropdown to search candidates by Specialization. If you select each field, then a combination, if available of the same would be shown in the result, if the search does not give desirable result then modify your search and try again.
Q 4: How do I search a Candidate using the Advanced Resume Search?
Keywords: Enter Keywords for the Job Titles and Qualifications that you would like to search for. {Keywords are words, phrases, and terms that you can enter to describe educational and professional experiences, skills, and company names}. They will be used to search for resumes containing those words in their descriptions. By typing in various keywords, you will maximize your chances of retrieving resumes that most accurately match your search. Example: Nursing, Clinical Medical Assistant, Mumbai etc.

Search in: You can select the areas where you would like the keyword to be positioned in, i.e. if you are looking for a candidate with experience in homeopathy you may select title or skills. But when you want a candidate who can speak Marathi you may have to select Entire Resume, as it may not have been specified in the Title.

Total Experience: Select number of years of experience like between 1-3 years etc. The candidates with similar experience will be displayed in the search. Example: If you need resumes of employees that have around 3 yrs of experience, you may put experience between 2-4 years.

Specialization and Roles: This helps you find candidates with specific roles and qualifications required for the said post.

Job Location: Type in the closest city that you are looking for a candidate from. Example: Pune, Mumbai, Delhi. If you are not particular about the location – choose ‘All’ location.

Q 5: What to do if I forgot my password or need to reset my password?
Forgot Password - in case you lose your password, click Forgot Password, then enter your e-mail address to have your password forwarded to you.

Change Password - If you would like to change your password, log-in to your account, then under MyRxOffice, click 'Change Password.' You will need to confirm your old password.

Q 6: In case of a problem or question, how can I get in touch with support at RxMedicoJobs?
You can reach our support team at support@rxoffice.us or via the Contact Us page. You may also provide feedback to us via the feedback form.
Q 7: How do I modify a job vacancy that I’ve already posted on the site?
To modify a job, you need to follow these steps:
Login to your account and click on "Job Postings" link.
Go to "View All Job Postings".
You will get a list under 'Search Report'
Click "Edit" link shown against the job you wish to edit. This will take you to the edit job posting form for that job. Make the desired changes there and click on submit.

Q 8: How do I view the applications/responses received for the job that has been posted?
Once you log into your account, click on the ‘Jobs applied by candidates’ Select the job you want to view amongst the list of jobs posted by you, and then click on the candidate’s resume you want to view among all the various applicants. You can download the resume as and when required.
To Use SAVED SEARCHES, you need to follow these steps:
Login to your account (Employee Login) and click on "SAVED SEARCHES" link in the menu
Select Date Range(From Date,To Date).
and click on Submit Button
You will get a list under 'Search Report'

Thank you for using RxMedicoJobs.us
To provide feedback and help improve your experience further, please click Provide Feedback Here
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