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Q 1: Why should I register with RxMedicoJobs?
RxMedicoJobs provides you with a portal to find the best job and be searched by employers & recruiters. Register with RxMedicoJobs and you can.
1) Access and apply to job opportunities specific to the health care & medical industry.
2) Customize your profile and maintain multiple resumes
3) Create Job Alerts to be the first to know about new job opportunities
RxMedicoJobs' mission is to be the leading Healthcare and Medical job site in the industry by helping you land your next job!
Q 2: How can I post my Resume?
To post your Resume on RxMedicoJobs, click on 'Register' or 'New User' from the Home Page. Once you have filled in your personal and contact information, you will receive a confirmation message to the e-mail address entered during registration. Follow the link to complete your account registration. Now you can enter your job preferences, upload/enter your resume, create job alerts and be searched by employers and recruiters.
Q 3: How do I update my profile?
Once you are registered on the site, go to My RxOffice®. This will take you to your Profile, which you can Edit or Preview at any time. Your profile is divided into sections, About Me, Employment Details, Education Details, and Manage Resume. You can upload a Word Resume directly to your Profile. Click Submit/Save to save your changes.
Q 4: How to use the search on the home page?
You can select the criteria, that you want to search. For example, this quick search, allows you to enter Keywords, job titles, locations and category/specialization. Results will show based on the combination of criteria entered. If the search does not return desirable results, then modify or broaden your search criteria and try again.
Q 5: How to search for a Job using the Advanced Job Search?
Keywords: Enter Keyword or Tags that you would like us to search for Jobs. Keywords can be words, terms, acronyms or phrases that describe education, certifications, professional experience, specializations, company names, etc. These will then be used to search our inventory of Job opportunities. By typing in various keywords, you will maximize your chances of retrieving jobs that most accurately match your search. Example-1: Nursing, Clinical Manager, Dialysis, Rockville, Maryland. or search for a company name, such as Fresenius, Davita, etc.

Experience: Select a range of the number of years of Job experience you would like to search for. Select a broad range to return the most results. If you recently acquired a degree or certification, this will help you identify the entry level positions that do not require previous experience.

Job Location: Type in the location (state and/or city) for the job you are looking for.

Specialization, Category & Role: You can also select a specific field, specialization or job title to search.

Q 6: What to do if I forgot my password or need to reset my password?
Forgot Password - in case you lose your password, click Forgot Password, then enter your e-mail address to have your password forwarded to you.

Change Password - If you would like to change your password, log-in to your account, then under MyRxOffice, click 'Change Password.' You will need to confirm your old password.

Q 7: In case of a problem or question, how can I get in touch with support at RxMedicoJobs?
You can reach our support team at or via the Contact Us page. You may also provide feedback to us via the feedback form.
Q 8: How many resumes can I upload?
You can upload three resumes at a time, but you can keep only one resume active at a time. The active resume will be your default resume that will be sent to employers when you apply for a position.
Q 9: What is the advantage of multiple resumes?
Creating multiple resumes enables you to customize individual resumes for different job categories. You can select any of the resumes you have uploaded to apply for best matching jobs.

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