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About Us
RxOffice Medicojobs is a boutique web site dedicated exclusively to the medical professional network in the USA. We try our best to match the individual person to the job! We believe, by having such thoughtful match increases the employee job satisfaction which drives the brand value and profitability for the employer.

RxOffice Medicojobs caters to all segments of the USA Health care market; from single person clinic to multi-location hospitals and other related institutes.

RxOffice Medicojobs is a part of RxOffice® Inc., a US healthcare technology provider since 2010. RxOffice Inc, a global provider of software consultation, design and development services, provides technology to health care organizations professionals around the world. RxOffice Incís solutions deliver tools to offer excellent patient care while remaining compliant with privacy regulations and other requirements. RxOffice Incís product s ONC-ACB certified in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. RxOffice Incís healthcare platform has adopted global interoperability standards to provide the innovative and cost effective solution to healthcare industry stakeholders. RxOffice Incís goal is to serve global healthcare industry by providing technology edge to their clients.

Goal of RxOffice Medicojobs is to create opportunities for Employers and Job Seekers by making available global pool of skilled and talented resources to meet industries current demand and supply needs.

:: Our People
RxOffice® recruits only the best technical staff available. We heavily rely on our pool of intelligent and highly technical staff having both functional and technical knowledge to offer domain expertise Ė knowledge, experience and competence. Our engineers understand the importance of fulfilling business requirements and achieving high-quality results without compromising creativity and technology. We encourage our employees to take initiative, build an island of excellence. Employees who perform the best are self-motivated; have a passion and a purpose. Through ongoing, open dialogue, clear target agreements and in partnership with you, we define the environment to empower you to work independently.

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